Thursday, June 25, 2009

No one puts Tilly in the corner!

Sometimes when I'm working in the studio with the door closed, I'll look over and see just a furry arm poking out from under the door. This is Tilly. She likes to "help" in the studio, especially with beads.

Also, this is pretty awesome! Alllll aboard!!!
Tilly, Sprocket, and Taco!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I got a fever! The only cure is...

No, not more cowbell. Though sometimes that does help!
It's mechanisms. Simple and beautiful. Cams and gears, pulleys and cranks. Since I have the opportunity to make work again, the fever has hit hard. I started making small working pinwheels. Fun and simple. Then I found Gary Schott's work. It brought me back to the last couple pieces I made in school, where I had just started to explore incorporating mechanisms in my jewelry. Since school ended, I haven't really made any of my stuff. Now I have the opportunity, and I feel like I need to take advantage of it!
Today I put together my Timber Kit. It's called "Ocean Motion".
Well, it's not all the way together yet, but you get the idea. It's pretty sweet. The video is a little oddish. It's hard to film and crank at the same time. That's what she said! Anyway...

Here are some things I have in process:

Nothing too fancy. It's a good start though. Hopefully I'll have a little shop up soon! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Can you guess what it is?